Copper-Based Brazing Material

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Product Name: copper base solder.

Shape: multi-layer ring shape, single-layer ring shape, flat strip shape, copper phosphorus tin solder, and size are customized according to the order.

Material: copper phosphorus alloy, electrolytic copper; Copper phosphorus alloy, electrolytic copper, tin and silver (2-15)%.

Component content: copper phosphorus content (6.9-7.2)%, electrolytic copper (92.8-93.1)%; Silver (2-15).

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Multilayer ring φ 1.6*6.9mm; cylindrical φ 2.5 * 500mm can be customized according to the order.


Multi layer welding ring, silver containing welding ring

Solder flat strip, cylindrical

Double layer silver welding ring, copper phosphorus tin solder

Product Introduction

Phosphor-Copper brazing alloy is easy-flow, low-cost and has good processing property and self-braze ability. It applies to contact brazing、gas flame brazing, induction brazing and furnace brazing, the joint has high tensile strength and good electrical conductivity. Silver-Phosphor-Copper brazing alloy can reduce the melting points, in can improve both alloy's plasticity and wet ability, as well as the alloy's strength and toughness.

Product Parameters

Chinese Standard Equivalent Grade Composition(Wt%) Melting Range℃) Characteristics and Application
Product sample brand AWS A5.8 Ag P Cu Sn Ni Solidus Liquidus
B-Cu92P ___ ___ ___ 7.5

Yu    rem. ___ ___ 714 750 It has low melting point, good fluidity, but high brittleness. It is generally used for brazing copper and brass parts without impact load and vibration.
B-Cu93P Material 201 BCuP-2 ___ 6.8

Yu    rem. ___ ___ 714 793 It has good fluidity and can flow into joints with small gap. The solder is brittle. It is used in electromechanical and instrument industries to braze copper and brass parts that are not subject to impact load.
B-Cu89SnP Material 208 ___ ___ 5.5

Yu    rem. 5.0

___ 620 660 Low melting point, good fluidity, brazing copper, bronze and low zinc brass with silver flux
B-Cu86SnP ___ ___ ___ 4.8

Yu    rem. 7.0


620 670 The purpose is the same as above. The addition of nickel increases the brittleness, but the fluidity is improved and the brazing joint is bright.
B-Cu91PAg Material 209 BCuP-6 1.8


Yu    rem. ___ ___ 645 788 It can fill the joint gap in a large temperature range. It is used for brazing copper and brass in refrigerator, air conditioner, motor and instrument industries.
B-Cu89PAg ___ BCuP-3 4.8


Yu    rem. ___ ___ 645 780 The purpose is the same as above. The ductility and conductivity of solder are improved and the fluidity is general. It is suitable for brazing parts with large gap.
B-Cu88PAg Material 205 BCuP-7 4.8


Yu    rem. ___ ___ 645 771 The application is the same as above, the ductility and conductivity of solder are improved, and the fluidity is better than b-cu89pag.
B-Cu87PAg ___ BCuP-4 5.8


Yu    rem. ___ ___ 645 718 It has low melting point and good fluidity. It can braze joints with small gap. It is used for brazing copper and brass.
B-Cu80AgP Material 204 BCuP-5 14.5


Yu    rem. ___ ___ 645 815 The ductility and conductivity of the solder are further improved, which is used for brazing copper and brass parts with larger joint gap than hl205 solder.

Product Details

Pricing date: global metal network Changjiang spot quotation material price processing fee on the date of order.
Wooden cases with an initial order of more than 100kg and less than 300kg shall be settled separately.

Processing fee: (15-30) yuan / kg, FOB is FOB, and the logistics will be sent to the designated places in Shanghai port and Ningbo port.
30% deposit shall be paid in advance by telegraphic transfer, the production cycle shall be (10-20) days, the payment shall be made before delivery, and the settlement shall be completed within the contract period (10-30).

Brand type: domestic independent brand.

Export preference: export goods cannot be determined to enjoy preferential tariffs in the final destination country (region).

Product use: solder is used in transformers, refrigerators, air conditioners, radiators, props, containers, etc.

Technical guidance: copper phosphorus solder has the characteristics of good fluidity, low price and excellent process performance. Brazing red copper has self brazing property and no flux can be used. It is suitable for contact welding, gas flame welding, high frequency brazing and brazing in some furnaces. The brazed joint has good strength and conductivity. Copper phosphorus silver solder adds silver (Ag) to copper phosphorus alloy, which reduces the melting point of solder, improves the plasticity, strength, toughness and wettability to copper, and can replace some high silver solder.

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