Copper Phosphorus Silver Welding Ring

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Phosphor copper welding ring / 2% silver welding ring / 5% silver welding ring (American Standard Bcup-2 / Bcup-6 / Bcup-7).

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Product Description

Phosphor copper welding ring / 2% silver welding ring / 5% silver welding ring (American Standard Bcup-2 / Bcup-6 / Bcup-7)

It is widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration industry, brazing copper and copper alloy.

Specification: 1.6 * 6.9 / 1.3 * 4.9 / 1.6 * 9.4, single circle and multiple circles can be customized as required.

Company Business

The company had a turnover of 200 million last year, with about 90% of its domestic sales, and its sales target of 200 million this year. The sales target remains the previous year due to the relocation.

Market and Brand

1. Which people and markets are your products suitable for?
Ship diesel engine manufacturers, diesel locomotive manufacturers, refrigeration and heat exchange manufacturers, coal mines, chemical and energy manufacturers.

2. How did your company's customers find your company?
Through customer introductions, websites, industry exhibitions.

3. Does your company have its own brand?
Faraway brand, registered trademarks: "Xinhaihua", "YUANFANG", etc.

4. Which countries and regions have your products been exported to?
United States, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

5. Does the company's products have cost-effective advantages, and what are the specific ones?
State-owned enterprise endorsement, technical advantage, stable product quality, guaranteed delivery time.

6. What are the domestic and foreign competitors of your company's products? Compared with them, what advantages and disadvantages does your company have?
CRRC Parts Co., Ltd., advantages: stable product quality, guaranteed delivery time.

7. Which regions do you mainly cover in the market?
National, North America, India, Middle East.

8. What are the customer development channels for your company?
Customer referral, salesman development, network promotion.

9. Do you have your own brand?

10. Does your company participate in the exhibition? What are the specifics?
Participated in domestic exhibitions and never participated in foreign exhibitions.

11. What do you do in dealer development and management?
There is no dealer. The direct sales model is mainly developed and maintained by large customers.

Registered trademark

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