Cai Weiming Went To YuanFang Power Company For Investigation And Guidance

On September 24, Cai Weiming, Secretary of the Party committee, director general and chairman of the group company, went to YuanFang power company to investigate and guide the work. Wang Bo, member of the Party committee and organization director of the Bureau (group company), Zhou Lianrong, deputy secretary general and director of the party and government office, accompanied the investigation.

Cai Weiming went deep into the production workshop of the YuanFang company to learn more about the equipment installation and commissioning of the casting production line, as well as the production of machining and wheel hub workshop. We also had a discussion with the team members of the company and listened to the work reports on the R & D and production, scientific and technological innovation, market development, Party construction and other aspects of complete sets of equipment such as casting capacity replacement, plant relocation and production resumption, environmental protection drilling rig and coal gangue crushing, backfilling and grouting, mine water treatment, etc. He fully affirmed the production and operation of the YuanFang company from January to September and the replacement of casting capacity.
Cai Weiming pointed out: 2021 is an extraordinary year for YuanFang companies, a year of concentrated efforts and overcoming difficulties. Under the strong leadership of the company's leading group and the joint efforts of the majority of employees, the relocation and resumption of production were successfully completed. As the first enterprise in Changzhou, it completed the replacement of casting capacity and undertook a number of science and technology projects of the General Administration in an orderly manner. This fully reflects the development ability of state-owned enterprises and the responsibility of Party members and cadres.
Cai Weiming stressed: in recent years, the economic development of YuanFang companies has made great progress, but while maintaining rapid economic development, it is also necessary to continuously improve the salary and welfare level of employees, so as to maximize the economic development achievements of enterprises and benefit employees.
Cai Weiming requirements: first, we should further clarify the industrial positioning. Take casting technology as the guide, machinery manufacturing as the means, geological exploration and geological environment equipment R & D and production as the goal, actively transform to the main geological industry, and create a new high point of economic development of YuanFang companies; Second, we should focus on scientific and technological innovation, pay close attention to industrial structure adjustment, strengthen the development and promotion of casting, piston, wheel hub and other series products, expand to the direction of high-end and intelligence, and realize the sustainable development of YuanFang companies; Third, we should pay close attention to the implementation of national key projects to ensure the successful completion of project tasks. We should actively establish a professional team to do a good job in the R & D projects of 30m environmental protection drilling rig, harmless treatment of solid waste of coal gangue, mine water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment equipment, and promote them to the market as soon as possible; Fourth, we should strictly control risks, operate steadily and develop steadily. Strictly control the stock of raw materials and inventory products, calmly deal with the soaring price of bulk materials, and ensure the steady development of the company's production and operation; Fifth, we should strengthen the construction of the leading group, further consolidate the strength of the leading group, and build the leading group of the YuanFang company into an excellent team with pragmatism, unity, honesty, loyalty and dedication; Sixth, we should strengthen party building, pay close attention to the study and education of party history, and implement the requirements of "I do practical things for the masses". In particular, we should pay close attention to the integration of Party construction and production and operation, and lead the high-quality development of enterprises with high-quality party construction.

Ma Baoxiang, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of YuanFang company, Huang Xiaoya, chief accountant, Gao Xiang, deputy general manager, Wang Hongwei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Fu Hongjun, chief engineer, attended the symposium.

Author: Zhu Hong

Reviewed By: Wang Hongwei

Issued By: Ma Baoxiang

Post time: Sep-24-2021