Piston Branch Of Yuanfang Company Held A Discussion On “Company Development, My Responsibility”

On March 15, the Party branch of piston branch organized a discussion on "company development, my responsibility", fully implemented the "11463" development strategy of the General Administration and the "13335" development idea of the Bureau, as well as the relevant spirit of the three meetings of the Bureau, strengthened the employees' sense of responsibility, improved the employees' spirit of responsibility, and provided a strong guarantee for the company to expand the industrial scale and improve economic benefits. Wei Xilin, Secretary of the Party committee of Yuanfang company, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Nearly 20 people at all levels of management, technology and quality of piston branch attended the meeting.


At the meeting, participants discussed "responsibility and responsibility" in combination with their respective posts. Everyone agreed that at present, piston branch has encountered some development difficulties, but also found some opportunities. In the face of opportunities and challenges, every employee must stick to his responsibility and take the initiative. He should always link his responsibility with his own work, integrate himself into his work, put his responsibility in the first place, and do every work with a serious and responsible attitude. When encountering problems and contradictions, we should not hand them in, avoid or prevaricate. We should dare to stand up and solve problems and contradictions. Piston branch has its own products, technology and market. At the same time, it also has a team of employees who dare to take responsibility. Seizing opportunities and meeting challenges, under the correct leadership of the Bureau and distant companies, piston branch will make new breakthroughs in the expansion of industrial scale and the improvement of economic benefits.

At the meeting, Wei Xilin put forward four requirements in combination with the actual situation of piston branch: first, personnel at all levels should strengthen their sense of unity and professionalism. Unity is the basis for doing a good job in all work. We should "divide our work without dividing our families, be angry, seek things without seeking people, and be sincere without hypocrisy". Second, personnel at all levels should strengthen their awareness of rules and discipline. We should put rules and discipline ahead and ensure that everyone is equal before the system. Third, personnel at all levels should strengthen their sense of responsibility. Every employee has his own unique post and responsibilities, which endows us with corresponding rights and obligations. Therefore, every employee should dare to take responsibility in his own post, and all employees of the company should further enhance the awareness of "power must be responsible, responsibility must be taken, and default must be investigated". Fourth, personnel at all levels should strengthen their awareness of integrity and self-discipline. Honesty and self-discipline not only refers to leading cadres, but also involves every employee. Therefore, all employees should constantly strengthen their self-discipline awareness, so as not to be bound by fame, confused by profits, or tired by things.

Post time: Sep-27-2021