Yuanfang Company Has Won The Scientific And Technological Innovation Award For Five Consecutive Years

On March 6, Yuanfang company attended the innovation and development conference of Changzhou Tianning economic development zone and won the 2020 scientific and technological innovation award of Changzhou Tianning Economic Development Zone, which is the fifth consecutive year that Yuanfang company has won this award.

Scientific and technological innovation leads the high-quality sustainable development of enterprises. In recent years, distant companies have gradually increased investment in scientific and technological innovation, prepared to build the company's R & D center, and established the company's R & D team through internal selection and external introduction. And actively use Internet big data to successfully cooperate with aerospace cloud network (Jiangsu company) to become the first pilot enterprise of "thousands of enterprises on the cloud" in Changzhou. Through the launch of PLM and other scientific and technological software, the company's scientific and technological innovation has been further improved.

Scientific and technological innovation leads the development of the company. Through continuous scientific and technological innovation, the company has successively obtained the qualifications of "Changzhou high-power piston and diesel engine parts engineering technology research center" and "Jiangsu full hydraulic environmental protection sampling drilling rig engineering technology research center". Various provincial high-tech products cover the core components of diesel engine, agricultural machinery, heat exchange and heat dissipation.

In 2021, the company will take advantage of the relocation of the new plant to further strengthen scientific and technological innovation, actively prepare to build a metal testing center and 3D printing studio, and improve the testing qualification of the company. Taking casting as the core, it actively prepared to build an intelligent workshop, traced the whole production process through AI intelligent means, and realized intelligent manufacturing.

Scientific and technological innovation has only a starting point and no end point. Distant companies will continue to strengthen basic management, improve innovation level, and forge ahead with higher standards and requirements.

Author: Huang Jie

Reviewed by: Wang Hongwei

Issued by: Ma Baoxiang

Post time: Mar-06-2021